There are two methods that can be used to produce a flywheel design. The first and most common way is to reverse engineer an existing part taken from a car. The key dimensions are measured and transferred into CAD. A CAD model of the part is produced. The existing part can be manufactured like-for-like or the design can be optimised to reduce the mass of the part but maintain or improve strength and functionality. Other features that can be designed include; fitment of a larger or higher performance clutch or fitment of a hydraulic clutch release bearing. The ring gear is often built into the flywheel to reduce the number of parts in the assembly and to reduce the mass of the component.

The second method is for the flywheel to be designed from scratch by capturing the required information from existing components such the crankshaft, engine block, clutch, release bearing, bellhousing and gearbox. In this case the CAD data creates a jigsaw puzzle whereby the flywheel is the missing piece and the correct shape of the flywheel can be calculated from the surrounding interlocking components.


Examples of flywheels we have designed and manufactured include:

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