About A2P2

At A2P2 we have over a decade of experience in reverse engineering.


What is Reverse Engineering?

Reverse engineering is required when there is no electronic or historic data to work from in order to produce a specific part, object, or machine tooling. This is often the case in regards to pre-digital or legacy components in industry, or automotive parts for historic vehicles. With over 20 years experience in racing historic and classic cars and a professional career in automotive design and development, our MD Alistair Pugh, applies his knowledge and expertise in reverse engineering, in producing bespoke parts and solutions for everything from cars and motorbikes to helicopters and boats.


Why A2P2?

We work with our 3D Laser scanner to create a point cloud which gives us raw data of the object, part or system. The data is analysed and using skills developed in extensive work within the automotive and wider engineering industries, is then refined. This CAD model provides the blueprint for later manufacture of the object or system. A2P2 will model objects based on the most appropriate manufacturing method for the component design including; pressing, CNC machining, sand casting, investment casting, aluminium casting and magnesium casting. We have the expertise to deliver a bespoke service to suit our customer’s requirements and can provide individual steps within the reverse engineering process in isolation, or a complete end to end solution; managing the production of the part from 3D scanning through to delivery of the finished item.

Individual elements of the reverse engineering process that we provide include;

The processes used by the A2P2 team are not limited to the reproduction of engineering parts verbatim however, by digitizing an existing part or system, careful analysis can highlight potential ways in which performance of the piece can be improved.

Scan data and CAD models can also be created simply for reference purposes where there is risk of damage requiring the precise original technical specifications at a later date. This is often used in the world of historic and classic racing where having a technical model of the original dimensions of a car body can prove invaluable in the restoration process.

Our expertise is not limited to the automotive industry however and we have also used 3D scanning in order to create scale copies of other items such as decorative badges, furniture, ornaments or even works of art.


What’s in a name?

In 1985 our Managing Director Alistair Pugh was a spry young boy of eleven. As he sat watching The Holiday Programme, pondering upon which famous person he should write to for his English homework assignment, Judith Chalmers began to interview the CEO of British Caledonian Airways Mr. Alastair Pugh CBE. It was with great excitement and not a small element of mischief that young Alistair decided he should write to this clever, eminent Aerospace Executive that shared his name. How smugly he responded when his teacher criticized him for writing a letter to himself!

Much to our young hero’s surprise it was only a few days before a response to his letter arrived, exclaiming at this wondrous coincidence of naming and inviting Alistair and his family on a tour of British Caledonian Airways and later to watch Mr. Pugh race his beloved vintage car, a Frazer Nash. And so began a passion for all things automotive and a love of engineering.

Fast forward to 2011 and after 26 years of mentoring Alistair in his racing career, a firm friendship has developed and Alastair invites him to join him as co-driver on the Frazer Nash raid to Sicily. This arrival to the club of a new Mr. Alistair Pugh (despite the slight difference in spelling of their Christian names) caused all sorts of confusion and so The Chain Gang christened our MD “A2P2”. It was not unknown for other drivers to look to the engineering expertise of A2P2 at the end of the day when weary cars required a little extra TLC to fix the bugs and hiccups resulting from a hard days raiding. After being referred to as A2P2 in The Chain Gang Gazette and at many social occasions since, the name caught on. And here we are.

At the heart of our business is the spirit of adventure, love of motorsport and enthusiasm for always looking to go one better that has driven Alistair and drives us to continually improve our business and strive to provide excellent service and products to our customers. We believe that A2P2 is more than just a nickname, more than just a logo on a business card, it is synonymous with quality, excellence and expertise.

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