Example: Renault 5/Clio/Megane – Rear Wheel Drive (RWD) conversion

A brief was provided by our customer to make a front wheel drive engine compatible for RWD applications. Two similar engines were scanned in great detail including gearbox mounting features, flywheel and clutch detail, centre release bearing and gearbox. A CAD model was created from the scan data. The bellhousing was then designed to fit all components. Casting patterns were designed and CNC machined. Using the patterns the bellhousing was then cast in aluminium. The castings were CNC machined in the last stage of the production process to create the final part.

Other bellhousings can be designed to mate different gearbox applications to your engine. Existing bellhousings can also be re-manufactured in either the original or an alternative material eg. aluminium or magnesium.

This process of manufacturing bespoke Bellhousings has been followed by A2P2 on several other projects including GT40, Maserati, Austin Healey & Alta and is most often used where more than one product is to be ordered. Should customers require a one off product, the bellhousing can be machined from solid, removing the requirement for casting patterns to be produced.

A2P2 will evaluate each customers requirement individually to ensure that the production solution is best fit in terms of price and quality.

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